Announcing our next flash event…KRAMPUS FEST!!! Join us Saturday December 9th from Noon to 8 for a diabolical day of flash, treats and eats, celebrating the one and only devil of Christmas!

–  How It Works-

*All tattoos are first come, first serve; no appointments will be made for the day.

*There are two ways to choose designs:

1. Choose the exact design you want from the 100.00 or 200.00 board or

2: Take a chance on one of the “No Peeking” pieces (blind bag)! All of these pieces are 50.00, you pay for the piece first then choose one of Krampus’ burlap sacks. There are 30 individual pieces, one design in each, and as the name implies, no peeking!

No changes will be made to the designs, all of the pieces we have available are worth twice as much any other time. We do these shows because they are a blast and are awesome for everyone involved. We get to tattoo super rad pieces all day, while eating treats and having a good time. You get to get a super rad tattoo for half the price, eat lots of treats and have an good time.

*BONUS!!!*   The first 15 customers to come in and purchase one of the pieces get a hand-drawn gift bag full of goodies!!!

If you have any other questions please email me directly at

Hope to see everyone there!!!

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