Join us Friday October 19th from noon to 8 (and probably later) for tattoos, treats, candy and drinks. All of the designs available will be at a discounted rate for the day ONLY. All designs are first come, first serve and are only tattooed once. See everyone next week!Continue Reading

Join us Saturday August 4th for our Summer flash event and after party! From Noon-6 we will be tattooing our summer flash, all pieces are 100.00, custom drawn and only tattooed ONCE! Get down early if there is a specific piece you want to grab as they are all firstContinue Reading

Announcing our next flash event…KRAMPUS FEST!!! Join us Saturday December 9th from Noon to 8 for a diabolical day of flash, treats and eats, celebrating the one and only devil of Christmas! –  How It Works- *All tattoos are first come, first serve; no appointments will be made for theContinue Reading